Micah 1


Read: Micah 1

(written by Celeste) 

Reflect: The prophet Micah wrote this book around 700 B.C., during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. Micah’s message was addressed to Israel and Judah, primarily to their respective capitals, Samaria and Jerusalem. The purpose of the book was to proclaim warning and judgement to the Northern and Southern kingdoms. Micah wrote during the time when Assyria conquered the city of Samaria, took the northern tribes into captivity, occupied Judah, and besieged the holy city of Jerusalem. Sounds cheery, right? This makes the book of Micah a little more complex, because Micah alternates back and forth between threats of doom and promises of hope.

In chapter 1, judgment against Israel and Judah is announced. However, this message is not solely limited to Judah and Israel, it is also for any and all sinners. It is a warning for everyone to repent and turn away from sin. In verses 2-7, Micah describes the Lord descending in judgement against Israel and Judah because of idolatry. Verses 8-16 are a lament over the people who have sinned against God and will face his judgment.

So what can we take away from this chapter? God is sovereign, and wants our hearts to be dedicated to him. He doesn’t want us placing any sort of idols above him. Read verse 3 again. God is above the “high places of the earth.” He is ALMIGHTY. His “dwelling place” that is mentioned in this verse is his throne in heaven. God doesn’t want us to let things of the world take precedence over him. God desires our hearts to belong to him and him alone.

Respond: Is your heart fully dedicated to God, or is something holding you back? If so, what is keeping you from giving your heart 100% to God?

Pray: Pray that you would be all in for God, and that God would be the king of your heart rather than anything in this world. Ask God to set your thoughts on him instead of things in this world, and praise him that he is always there for us even in our mistakes. Thank God for his boundless love and mercy.

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